How PACE Projects Help Students

ProjectsImpact_titleHow can your experience as a PACE student help you in your future career and job hunt?

This question was discussed at the 2015 PACE Global Annual Forum at the University of São Paulo in Brazil.

Stacy Benjamin, Director of the Segal Design Institute at Northwestern University, led a panel discussion with former PACE students and industry representatives on the impact of PACE projects on student education and career opportunities.

Camilla Souit and Antonio Carlos Botosso, graduates of the University of São Paulo and employees at GM do Brasil, spoke about their experiences on the PACE Emerging Market Vehicle project.  Industry panelists Sheryl Garrett, Manager, Global Creative Resources, GM, and Dora Smith, Director of Global Academic Program for Partner Strategy, Siemens PLM Software, spoke about the importance of project experience.

In addition to the panelists attending in person, five other students gave their perspectives in a short video. Hear what they had to say at:






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