Capstone Competition at University of São Paulo


The “Best 2015 Automotive Engineering Capstone Project Competition” was held on December 1st, 2015 in the main auditorium of the Mechanical Engineering Department of the University of São Paulo.

The goal of the competition is to evaluate the final projects of the students of the Mechanical Engineering course that are related to automotive field. The judging was provided by volunteer engineering professionals from General Motors. The criteria for the judging are based on the following aspects: form (example: design concept, creativity, perceived value, safety); fit (example: digital mock up (realism, aesthetics, detail, supporting design)); function (example: credibility for design function and product claim, energy budget, Matlab simulation); effective & impressive presentation and collaboration & teamwork. For each aspect, an average grade is evaluated and the projects with the 03 highest grades received awards.

The winners of this year’s competitions are:

Place Students Coach Project Title
1st Giovanni Garaldi Biasi Marcelo Alves Nitrogen oxides reduction techniques for Euro 6 diesel passenger cars
2nd Marcel de Melo Gomes Demétrio Zachariadis Electronic fuel injection tuning of a 4 stroke engine of a mileage vehicle
3rd Henrique de Carvalho Pinheiro Marcelo Alves Computational analysis of body stiffness influence on the dynamics of light commercial vehicles
4th Felipe de Sousa Mazuco Amilton Sinatora Flex fuel engine valve and valve seat wear mechanism characterization using reciprocating tribometer test
5th Eduardo Moretti / Guilherme Baptista Roberto Spinola Modeling and design of an optimal control system of semi-active suspension for a car

(Story and photos compliments of Prof. Alberto Hernandez Neto, University of São Paulo.)


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