PACE Students Can Access LMS Imagine.Lab Amesim Student Edition Today!

Need a head start that can help you jump right in and start doing the engineering work you’ve been dreaming of? How can you easily balance product performance in an intelligent system? And how can you achieve optimized designs? With the current drive for smarter and more environmentally-friendly products, engineering innovation has taken on new meaning. Engineers are facing a paradigm shift whereby the mechanics, electronics and software in a new design are simultaneously optimized as an integrated mechatronics system. Simulation has proven to be the right answer to reduce the number of prototypes, as well as project development time and costs. By offering students  LMS Imagine.Lab Amesim Student Edition, Siemens PLM Software is taking a leading role in promoting engineering innovation.


Not only is the software free for students around the world, it is an excellent way to integrate one of the most common model-based systems engineering (MBSE) tools into the world of academic engineering.


Just connect the components

Using the LMS Amesim Student Edition is an easy way to simplify multi-domain system integration. Instead of trying to program and create their own approaches, students simply select and connect validated components from dedicated libraries. It’s a bit like virtual LEGO®. The LMS Amesim Student Edition includes mechanical, signal, hydraulic, pneumatic, thermal and electrics libraries. Every library component is an analytical representation of physical phenomena and can be directly executed using LMS Amesim solvers.

The package is easily accessible and the Siemens PLM Software team has provided an entire treasure chest of information to get students started from LMS Amehelp, the online help feature, integrated directly in the software package, to the online LMS System Simulation Solutions Forum, loaded with helpful hints, great tutorials and demos.

“It is very easy to get started with LMS Amesim,” says Liao Yinshuang, a student at Nanjing University in China. She adds, “What I like the most about LMS Amesim is its strong visualization capabilities.”

For those of you not familiar with LMS Amesim, those “strong visualization capabilities” include comprehensive sets of methods, representations and animation features to help analyze a possible system.


Moreover, the LMS Amesim Student Edition comes with a full set of analysis tools to help explain system behavior and highlight dynamics.  Check out this Overview Video.

“To stand out, engineering students must prepare themselves as best as possible,” says Patrice Montaland, Business Developer in charge of the LMS Imagine.Lab academic program. “With LMS Amesim, students can concentrate on their innovative projects and gain solid engineering experience.”


Working hand-in-hand with students to boost results

LMS Amesim Student Edition helps save enormous amounts of time by eliminating the need for extensive programming. This gives engineering students, including those involved with PACE, time to concentrate on their projects.

Ready to get started? Click here to download the LMS Amesim Student Edition


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