2016 Siemens PLM – PACE Excellence in PLM Award

TrophySiemensPACE is pleased to announce an award opportunity for the RSMS teams:  The Siemens PLM Software 2016 PACE Excellence in PLM Award will be presented to the RSMS team that best demonstrates and communicates the most effective use of NX design, simulation and Teamcenter software in their vehicles in support of PACE RSMS Competition deliverables.

The eight PACE Reconfigurable Shared-Use Mobility Systems (RSMS) global project competition teams are eligible to compete for the award.  To be considered for the award, a PACE RSMS team needs to submit a report (MS Word file ONLY) containing images and/or drawings of your design, and an explanation (1250 words or LESS) of their use of the NX and Teamcenter software.  Team applications should be submitted by 4:00 PM EDT on June 30, 2016 via email to  jerry.sarfati@siemens.com .

The report should include the following:

  • Explain how the newly designed parts would be used and how they fit within existing geometry.
  • Explain how you used NX CAD/CAE software as part of your development process. How you used NX for 3D modeling and documentation, simulation, etc.  Describe the features in NX that you found useful in creating parts and assemblies.  (See additional pictorial examples in the brochure.).
  • How you used the Teamcenter software to manage your data.
  • What went well and what could have been better?  Include lessons learned.

The report should provide images or drawings of your design including the following:

  • Document the design process of your new part(s) using images or drawings that show your progress from storyboard to finished design, using PNG, JPEG, GIF, or PDF files.
  • Completed Part Design – Two or more images showing the new or modified parts
  • Completed Assembly Design – Two or more images that give the viewer a complete idea of how assemblies are designed and will work
  • Simulation – Two or more images that show simulations performed and the results on your assemblies.
  • Data management – Two or more images that show how you manage and share product designs, documents, BOMs and data.

Click here for a brochure with more details, examples of images, and judging criteria.  .  The winning team will be announced at the Awards Dinner on Thursday July 28th, during the PACE Annual Forum in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

Thank you to Siemens PLM Software for sponsoring the award, and to Mr. Jerry Sarfati for coordinating!

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