PACE Program Conclusion

July 17, 2017

Dear University Faculty and Students,

Since 1999, PACE has accomplished its goal to integrate strategic design and engineering systems into university curricula globally, establishing a winning formula for all parties in developing the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) team of the future. The PACE Partners – General Motors, Siemens PLM Software, Autodesk, Oracle and Hewlett Packard Enterprise – are proud of their involvement with the PACE program.  With great excitement and anticipation, we look forward to the teams being together at the July 2017 PACE Forum in Toluca, Mexico as we celebrate PACE and the activities with the PUMA project.

Societal changes such as urbanization, sustainability and the sharing economy are driving the rapid transformation of the automotive industry. GM technological advancements centered around connectivity, autonomous driving, vehicle sharing, and alternative propulsion systems drive the need for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, (STEM) talent, diverse perspectives, and innovative ideas – just as it was with PACE in 1999.  Because of this shifting focus in technology, changes in business priorities and the realization of PACE objectives, we have initiated the conclusion of the PACE program. The process for concluding the PACE Program will take approximately 18 months, and will culminate with the 2018 PACE Forum with the completion of the 2–year Personal Urban Mobility Access, (PUMA), PACE Global Project.

The PACE program has provided students with a high level of experiential learning. The exposure to these challenges, dynamics of collaboration, and pressure of delivering viable solutions to given “real-world” problems is invaluable to the development of these students as they prepare for the industry in a global marketplace.  Working with 65 universities worldwide, 23 key business partners, faculty members and thousands of students has been a rewarding and fruitful relationship.  The PACE program has been foundational in raising the bar for design and engineering education globally.

Design and engineering education continues to be vitally important, and we will continue to support, as appropriate, our strategic academic institutions. GM and its PACE partners continue to build on a legacy of impact (funding, employee resources, and educational initiatives) to encourage early exposure and continued STEM skill development through college years.  We will continue contributing to our communities through programs where students can interact with real and relatable engineering role models.

For questions regarding the PACE program in general, please contact Vass Theodoracatos, GM PACE program manager,


The PACE Core Team:

Joe Moorman, Autodesk

Jerry Sarfati, Siemens PLM

Jan Deyton, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Keith Rajecki, Oracle

Vass Theodoracatos, General Motors

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