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PACE Global Collaboration Project Competition:

The current PACE Global Collaboration Project competition is the Reconfigurable Shared-Use Mobility Systems (RSMS) project competition. Please refer to the Global Collaboration Competition page for more details at:  http://pacepartners.org/wpindex.php/global-collaboration-project

PACE Collaboration and Innovation Challenge (CIC) Competition:
PACE Connected Mobility Solutions Design Competition 2015-16:
PACE-sponsored Course Competitions:

As part of its commitment to encourage students to use digital data, math models, and PACE software in their engineering, analysis, manufacturing, collaboration and industrial design course projects, PACE sponsors student course competitions in appropriate courses within PACE Institution curricula.

The PACE Course Competition can be readily integrated into an existing CAD/CAM/CAE course that involves a student project using PACE software or collaboration tools. The professor’s work to host this competition is intended to be minimal.

The PACE office in the US sends an email announcement for course competition requests in January/February (term #1) and September (term #2), to align with the typical USA academic calendar. However, faculty members at a PACE institution may submit a request for course competition sponsorship at any time during the year, at least 2-3 months prior to the requested competition date.  The local PACE representatives in that country will make every effort to accommodate all requests.

Click here for the most recent PACE Course Competition request form.