Global Collaboration Project


PACE global collaboration projects provide students with the opportunity to expand and develop their professional skills as part of distributed virtual teams, advance their project planning and execution skills, and experience the same challenges that industrial designers, product engineers, and manufacturing engineers encounter in industry. Students participate in multi-university teams; utilize PACE state-of-the-art CAD/CAE/CAM and collaboration software; and apply product lifecycle management tools and concepts.

rsmsReconfigurable Shared-Use Mobility Systems (RSMS):

Eight global teams representing 45 PACE institutions are to design vehicle solutions that incorporate a system of components or modules that can be combined into a variety of configurations to fulfill different mobility requirements. (2014-2016)
pamdPortable Assisted Mobility Device (PAMD)

Students from 32 PACE institutions in 11 countries undertook the challenge to design a “first mile/last mile” transportation device for an urban market, and to build a functional prototype. (2012-2014)
sutSustainable Urban Transport (SUT) Vehicle

Seven global teams competed to design and engineer a 2-occupant vehicle suitable for an urban market. (2010-2012)
emvEmerging Market Vehicle (EMV)

Student teams from 15 PACE institutions developed a vehicle for emerging markets through collaborative design of the vehicle subsystems and the manufacturing system for mass production. (2008-2010)
f1racecarFormula 1 Race Car

Students from PACE institutions on five continents collaborated to design, analyze, build and test an actual racecar. (2006-2010)
hmiHuman Machine Interface (HMI)

Industrial design students from eight PACE institutions in five countries designed an HMI concept for a small luxury vehicle. Concepts focused on total user and vehicle experience. (2008-2009)