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PACE Software Offerings – Siemens PLM Software, Inc.

SoftwareDescriptionCategoryRequest Form
NXNX is the CAD/CAM system utilized at GM; this suite includes over 50 modules.
The NX Borrowing Option and the NX Stand-Alone Option are available to PACE Institutions globally that already have regular NX licenses - generally acquired previously through PACE. These offers allow users to use NX while disconnected from the server. See the info sheet for additional details.
CADRequest Form,
NX Borrowing OptionThe NX Borrowing Option is available to PACE Institutions globally that already have regular NX licenses—generally acquired previously through PACE. This offer allows users to “borrow” licenses from the license server and to use them while disconnected from the server. See the info sheet for additional details.CADRequest Form,
Teamcenter Unified BundleTeamcenter allows organizations to implement end-to-end Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) by delivering a broad and deep portfolio of seamlessly integrated modules to improve efficiency at each stage of a product's life-cycle.
The Teamcenter Unified Bundle includes Teamcenter Visualization, Teamcenter Community, Teamcenter Engineering and Teamcenter Manufacturing.
PLMRequest Form,
TecnomatixThe Siemens PLM Software Tecnomatix Academic Partner Bundle is a complete digital manufacturing solution. Tecnomatix delivers innovation by linking all manufacturing disciplines with product engineering, including process layout and design, process simulation/engineering, production management, and manufacturing optimization.CAMRequest Form,
JT OpenJT Open is both a software standard and an application that brings together a unique community of software users and independent software vendors committed to the widespread adoption of a single, open and preferred 3D visualization platform, based on JT technology. JT Open provides a forum where all members have equal access to JT technology that has proven value in visualization, collaboration and data sharing across today's most popular product lifecycle (PLM) solutions. Request Form,
LMS Imagine.LabMastering this complexity is exactly what LMS Imagine.Lab™ software for mechatronic system simulation is built for. With the LMS mechatronic system simulation platform, engineers are able to create, manage and use models and data to answer various model-based systems engineering needs. LMS Imagine.Lab transforms complexity into simplicity. It is developed with ease of use, time and cost savings in mind. The results can be drastically shortened cycle times and superior products that truly excite customers, as well as reduced development costs and risks.Request Form,
LMS SAMCEFLMS Samtech groups a suite of 3D finite element, multibody modeling and analysis software to simulate and optimize the functional performance of mechanical systems. The virtual solutions are tuned to specific industry and/or application requirements and address critical performance engineering attributes.Request Form,
LMS Virtual LabLMS Virtual.Lab is an integrated suite of 3D FE and multibody simulation software which simulates and optimizes the performance of mechanical systems for structural integrity, noise and vibration, system dynamics and durability.Request Form,

PACE Software Offerings – PACE Contributor Companies

CompanySoftwareDescriptionCategoryRequest Form
Altair EngineeringHyperWorksAltair Hyperworks is an integrated suite of CAE tools for product design, featuring modeling and visualization, analysis & optimization, design process automation and manufacturing process simulation. Includes HyperMesh, HyperGraph, HyperView, OptiStruct, MotionView, HyperForm, Radioss for LinearCAERequest Form
ANSYSANSYS Academic Teaching CFD packageANSYS provides PACE Institutions with ANSYS Academic Teaching CFD software solution for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis. ANSYS Academic Teaching CFD includes ANSYS FLUENT, which is the most widely used commercial CFD solver in the world, and comes with a broad range of multiphysics and advanced capabilities making it an
excellent tool for analysis, and an appropriate tool for undergraduate classes.
CAERequest Form, Info page
AutodeskAutodeskAutodesk provides Alias AutoStudio, Maya, VRed, and Sketchbook Pro software free to PACE Institutions through the Autodesk Academic Resource Center (ARC) portal. PACE Institution faculty can click here to learn more or create an account.CAID
CD-adapco STAR-CCM+ and STAR-CDCD-adapco provides the STAR-CCM+ and STAR-CD software for internal fluid flow analysis and internal combustion engine simulation, and to support the engine design process of Powertrain Technologies; the Battery Design Studio and Battery Simulation Module tools for the design, simulation, and analysis of batteries, including lithium-ion cell batteries; and SPEED for the design and analysis of electric motors and machines. The STAR-CCM+ and STAR-CD software products are used to simulate the wide range of flow processes encountered in and around vehicles, including fluid flow, heat transfer, and CFD.CAERequest Form,
Info page
Dimensional Control Systems 3DCS AnalystDimensional Control Systems (DCS) is pleased to offer PACE Institutions its 3DCS Analyst Software, a 3-D variation analysis technology for predicting assembly build variation during the engineering phases. This software, used by engineers throughout the design and manufacturing process, offers users a solution for understanding how tolerancing, assembly processing, locating schemes, and part geometry play a role n the overall quality of the final assembly. 3DCS Analyst is a dimensional tolerance analysis tool used to simulate and evaluate design and manufacturing/assembly concepts. 3DCS predicts the amount of variation inherent in a design and identifies the sources of that variation.CAERequest Form,
Info page
dSPACE, Inc.dSPACE ACE KitsdSPACE provides premier embedded software development, verification and validation tools globally. dSPACE hardware and software products are used by high-tech industries around the world – automotive, aerospace, defense, commercial/off-highway, industrial automation, medical technology and others – in the development and testing of electronic control units and mechatronics. The dSPACE ACE Kits provide universities with real-time development systems consisting of powerful hardware and comprehensive software tools. The ACE Kits include software for seamlessly integrating the modeling tools MATLAB and Simulink and for operating the real-time hardware.CAERequest Form, Info page
The FoundryFoundry Education Bundle - NUKEXGM uses NUKEX in their automotive design process. NUKE products are cutting-edge, award-winning compositing tools that deliver unparalleled speed and functionality unrivalled in the market today. Giving you the power to tackle complex compositing challenges in new and efficient ways, NUKEX combines the core functionality of NUKE with an ‘out of the box’ toolkit of exclusive functionality developed by The Foundry’s ground-breaking research team.Compositing
Gamma Technologies GT PowerGamma Technologies is the leading engine simulation software technology and GT-POWER, part of the GT-SUITE, is the industry standard for engine modeling. PACE and Gamma Technologies, Inc. (GTI) are pleased to offer PACE Institutions a software that is specifically targeted for powertrain design. GT Power is the engine simulation tool used in GM and other leading engine and vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers. It is also used for ship and power-generation engines, small 2- and 4-stroke engines and racing engines. It provides the user with many components to model any advanced concept.CAERequest Form,
Info page
LSTC - Livermore Software Technology Corp.LS-DYNALSTC offers finite element analysis (FEA) software applications that provides solutions to structural simulation problems. GM uses LS-DYNA for crash study and analysis. LS-DYNA multi-physics simulation code can solve a vast variety of problems, from bioprosthetic hearts valve operations to auto crash to earthquake engineering.CAERequest Form,
Info page
MathWorks MathWorks Software Bundle for PACE InstitutionsMathWorks provides a bundle of 27 software products to the PACE Institutions for use in the PACE Sustainable Urban Transport (SUT) global collaborative project and other PACE approved projects. The MathWorks Software Bundle for PACE Institutions includes twenty seven (27) software products, as described in the request form and info sheets.CAE "">Request Form
Mentor GraphicsCapital, PCB Xpedition, FloEFD, FloTHERM.Mentor Graphics Corp. offers PACE institutions the same Mentor Automotive™ Industry Specific Tools CAD software products currently used at GM, including the Electrical System, Cabling & Harness Design, Mechanical Analysis, and PCB - Xpedition Series PCB design & verification Higher Education Program (HEP) bundles.Electrical DesignRequest Form,
HostID instructions
MSC Software MD Adams, MD NastranMSC provides the VPD solutions needed to analyze and improve designs of everything from simple components to complex structures and systems. MSC simulation products help reduce the amount of physical prototype testing required while considering a greater number of design alternatives, thus accelerating innovation while saving significant time and cost. Requestors must complete a Classroom Usage Form prior to a software purchase or renewal. Includes MD Adams a virtual prototyping and motion simulation software and MD Nastran an FEA tool, provides engineers the tools they need to analyze and improve designs of everything from simple components to complex structures and systems. CAERequest Form,
Info, Classroom Usage Form, Flyer
Oracle Oracle Academy, Advanced Computer Science ProgramOracle provides complete, open, and integrated business software and hardware systems to customers around the globe. For PACE Institutions, Oracle will waive the annual membership fee to its Oracle Academy Advanced Computer Science program, as explained on the offer request form and information sheets. The Oracle Academy Advanced Computer Science program provides university faculty with Oracle database and Middleware software and curriculum, which in turn gives students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with Oracle’s world-class database technologies. PACE Institutions may also use the Oracle database software with the Siemens PLM Software Teamcenter product data management application. DatabaseRequest Form,
Info page, Flyer
RTT DeltaGenRTT is a provider of a real-time visualization solutions offering precision and accuracy, based on virtually all forms of CAD data. DeltaGen provides a link between designers and engineers, and allows for real-time multi-site design reviews. This application interfaces extremely well with Autodesk's Alias products--e.g., AutoStudio/StudioTools and Maya--allowing animations, layers, and materials to be imported. Additionally, it can run on caves, powerwalls, and in steroscopic mode.VisualizationRequest Form,
Info page, System Requirements
Simulia IsightSimulia provides desktop productivity tools for engineers that allow them to integrate key steps in the design process and then automate the execution of those steps through world class optimization, DOE, and DFSS techniques. Isight enables the rapid integration of CAE tools and technologies, and automates their execution to accelerate the evaluation of many design alternatives. At GM, all of the current PACE engineering software tools have been integrated using Isight. CAERequest Form,
Info page
Rocket Software (formerly Trubiquity)Data Exchange AccountTrubiquity provides one free data exchange account to each PACE Institution, to allow faculty and students to exchange digital data with people at GM when working on GM projects. Please read the instruction sheet for detailed instructions. Click here to request a data exchange account.Data ExchangeInstructions