Reconfigurable Shared-Use Mobility System


Announcements for RSMS Teams

  • Team Reports due June 30th! Send to by June 30th.
  • Competition Information: Refer to the November 3rd webinar for judging criteria.  Also see the Physical Competition Guide and the Forum Delegate Guide (link below).
  • The PACE Forum Delegate Guide is available on the Annual Forum page. Please refer to page 7 for RSMS competition logistics. The Delegate Guide also has information about accommodations at nearby hotels and UC dorms, pre-conference software training, and more.
  • Join the RSMS Facebook Group:  Each team please send a list of names and email addresses to be invited to join the group. Be sure to include your team number and school.
  • RSMS Team Status Meetings:  Slides from the March 31st, January 29th, and November 3rd web meetings are posted in the RSMS Facebook group.

RSMS Competition Facebook Group (click here)

Meet the RSMS Teams & Their Design Concepts:

Team 1: Opal

Team 2: GOZO

Team 3: TA-DA

Team 4: 4-U

Team 5: Tetris

Team 6: Konnect

Team 7: Jolt

Team 8: Revo

Competition Results – Year 1

Congratulations on a job well-done, RSMS Teams!!

year1 results

Teams 1-4

Teams 5-8