RSMS Team 3 “Ta-Da”


Team 3 Member Institutions:  

  • Hongik University (Korea)
  • Northwestern University (USA)
  • Tuskegee University (USA)
  • Jilin University (China)
  • Instituto Politecnico Nacional (Mexico)

About our team:

Team 3 is comprised of 5 universities, Hongik University, Northwestern University,  Instituto Politechnico Nacional, Jilin University, Tuskegee University. TA-DA is an expandable electric car that promotes car sharing by reconfiguring into different multipurpose rooms. This alleviates tremendous transportation inefficiencies in growing urban areas. It is able to reconfigure by expanding from the rear allowing for extra cargo and more passengers.

The name of our RSMS, TA-DA, is an exclamation in English, and also means ‘to ride (a vehicle)’ in Korean. Though it has adapted a new meaning through this project, “Transportation Accessible, Driving Affordable.”

The TA-DA 1.0 achieved tremendous success in the first year’s competition. We are continuing this success by improving TA-DA 1.0 and transitioning into TA-DA 2.0.

The chart below describes work distribution for each school.

Team 03 graphic,,,

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Team 3 Ta-Da TEAMc









Team 3 Ta-Da Modelc2

Team 3 Ta-Da TEAM

Team 3 Ta-Da Concept